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Hotel Alta las Palomas is certified by RainForest Alliance.


While our brand boasts the colour purple, we’re putting much efforts in being “green”! with the guidance of the Rainforest Alliance, we are went through an integral evaluation that resulted in a  a renewed and improved internal energy efficiency strategy.


• fresh towels and bed linens are available upon your request rather than being changed daily. If you would like your bed linens changed, please leave the related card on the bed or inform the front desk by breakfast time.

• purified water is available for bottle refill at the library (next to reception). we also sell refillable bottles for which we give all profits to the association naturekids

• naturekids foundation: conservation is not sustainable without education and economic benefits for local communities. nature air group of which alta is part, created the naturekids foundation to provide low-income families with the tools they need to build more self-reliant futures. naturekids teaches local community members english and computing as a way to ensure self-empowerment and better opportunities for employment. since 2006, we have taught over 500 students.


Creation of recycling collection station and placement of many recycling bins throughout the company to separate cardboard, paper, plastic and aluminum.
• promotion of equitable business and paying fair prices to local providers when possible.
• we particpate in reforestation activities in salitral de santa ana a few km away from the hotel.
• we have our own sustainability committee within the company to coordinate recycling, reducing energy usage and environmentally friendly activities amongst the staff.
• usage of local products including vegetables, fruits and coffee from local organic farmers's fairs and coming directly from our farm, passghaleh estate, which is located only 5km from the hotel, in order to lower our carbon footprint.


Creating local job opportunities in all our department including operations, maintenance, food & beverage and administration. we are giving equal employment opportunities regardless of gender, religion, race, political allegiances and sexual orientation.


Naturekids teaches local community members english and computing as a way to ensure self-empowerment and better opportunities for employment


Chef Luis "shopping" at our farm passghaleh estate, for tonight's dinner; we grow vegetables, fruits and coffee at our farm a few km away from the hotel and grow our aromatic herbs right here at the hotel. 


Our salad made with our own vegetables and herbs grown at passghaleh estate and purchased from the local farmers.